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Engines that use factory V-belts are normally standard rotation. Should I pump up the Edelbrock lifters like I do on my stock lifters? For modified engines running larger camshafts, it would be best to match up the intake manifold with the operating range of the camshaft your running or refer to cam card.

  1. What setting should I use on my timing chain set when installing an Edelbrock Camshaft?
  2. Throttle return spring should be correctly located and adjusted.
  3. Make sure all of the vacuum ports on the carburetor are being utilized or blocked off.
  4. These are guidelines refer to camshaft instructions for specific settings especially for total timing.
  5. As a base line, you want the step-up spring vacuum rating to be half of what your engines vacuum is at an idle for best performance.

Edelbrock vacuum ports

Edelbrock Carb purge canister connection

Always keep your bottle pressure between and psi when using the nitrous system. This will allow the headbolt washers to seat properly to the cylinder head. Apply a thin layer of assembly lube to the crank seal.

Can I clean the element on the Edelbrock air cleaner? With heat soak the fuel in the float bowls heats up expands and can even boil the fuel in the float bowls. Why is it when I pull up to a light sometimes my engine idles high? The top hole closest to the pivot point will give you the biggest pump shot of fuel. Although a pressure of psi can be achieved at almost any volume, the problem is that the pressure drop will be much greater than when a bottle is full, and consistency can be affected.

How do I connect the vacuum lines connect to a Edelbrock

With your manual choke carburetors do I have to hook up the push pull cable? Leave the nipple on the distributor for vac retard unhooked. If you are in an area that does not require a choke it is possible to not hook up the push pull cable. Double check for vacuum leaks. Ignition would be the most common thing to cause the engine backfire, if everything checks out start double checking all your vacuum lines and connections.

If guide plates are being used, be sure the rocker arms are non-self-aligning. Edelbrock Performer plus camshafts can be used with new factory valve springs installed at factory specs in most cases. The jet fittings are color-coded for use with nitrous blue and fuel red. Frequently Asked Questions.

This tool uses the same jets as your nitrous system and eliminates the hassle of having to convert to other manufacturer jets. All of this positioning information is critical to system operation. Direct contact with the skin will cause a burn similar to contact with dry ice. Floats can be sinking due to a leak. With a dry nitrous system, bismarck dating sites the nitrous is metered by tuning jets and injected through a dry nozzle no fuel into the incoming air charge.

Camshafts and Valvetrain

How do I connect the vacuum lines connect to a Edelbrock 750

The bottom hole furthest away from the pivot point will give you a smaller pump shot of fuel. Why is my carburetor making a ticking sound at an idle? If the choke is not the cause, then check to be sure the return spring is not catching on anything. You also want to be sure you have a good tune-up, good sparkplugs, wires, cap and rotor.

Do I need to run a fuse with my choke power wire? The Edelbrock crate engines that use a flat tappet cam will need to break-in the cam. Below are a few reasons why you may see a fuel leak along with some possible solutions. Edelbrock does not offer a non-siphon tube bottle for automotive use.

  • This will ensure that peak cylinder pressure occurs at the same point it did before the nitrous was injected into an engine.
  • Edelbrock recommends using the straight up position on the timing chain set.
  • Screens are installed into the needle and seat assembly, but this is not a fuel filter, the screens are used to trap large pieces of debris.
  • Bottle pressure is one of the most important factors in tuning a nitrous oxide system.
  • We would recommend using a thin amount of silicone on the timing cover gaskets to ensure a good seal.

If you're having difficulty getting your engine to idle, give this a try. You want to be sure the check ball comes out, if it does not then it may be stuck in the bore and causing your problem. Plus, there is a chance the tip may break off in cases of mild detonation and can severely damage the engine. Long durations of cranking engine will wipe lube off the cam and can cause cam failure.

One of the more common reasons an engine would run hot after cylinder head installation is due to air trapped in the cooling system. After to miles the engine will be broken-in. Below are some instructions on how to install the universal spark plug wires. The intake does not have to cover this area its just an expansion area around the exhaust crossover just be sure the cavity is blind and does not go anywhere.

Double check spark plug gap, the gap should be between. Put trans back into gear and see if the surging has gotten better or worse. Double check valve adjustment. Instructions are also located in the Edelbrock Tech Center.

Edelbrock 1406 Carb purge canister connection

Chemicals How many miles should I run the Edelbrock break-in oil? They can be cleaned and checked when the float level is being verified. If the head or intake manifold has no provisions for an exhaust crossover, then there is no need to run the restrictor plates. The recess in the baffle plate should be positioned as shown below See Fig.

Tuning carb with a vacuum gauge

Here are some things to check to resolve a flooding condition. This adapter bushing is supplied with the Fan Clutch. Why does my fuel pump run constantly and the engine not shut off when I turn the key off?

The Edelbrock Top End Kits come with most of the needed parts. Carburetors How can I lean down my carburetor to get better mileage? The best thing to do is run the carburetor on the engine right out of the box to build a baseline, elite matchmaking miami then check the spark plugs and see how they look. Will running a carb spacer help my performance?

The following procedure should be used to set the idle mixture and speeds. As the temperatures decrease the choke valve will start to close more, when this happens the fast idle cam will engage. Valve cover gaskets can be installed dry. These adapter bushings add to the machine tolerances of the assembly, so special care must be taken to maintain concentricity with the shaft and the clutch fan.

Tuning carb with a vacuum gauge

In order to run power steering, single dating you can retrofit an appropriate electric power steering pump. If you are seeing any fuel at an idle then you are dealing with a flooding condition. One of the more common reasons an engine would run hot after an intake manifold installation is due to air in the cooling system.


This will give you more consistent nitrous passes and is a must for competition use. When installing retro-fit lifters that use a tie-bar, it is critical that the arrow on the tie-bar point up towards the intake manifold when the lifters are installed. Why do I get a hesitation off idle when I accelerate, then it takes off?

Most modifications will be fine on factory fuel delivery systems. Start off light, but keep an eye on the plugs to make sure you aren't taking it too lean. If that passage is plugged take off the accelerator pump nozzle and turn carb upside-down. Be sure the thermostat was installed correct also.

The only way this would happen normally is due to the engines vacuum being at or near the same as the rating of the step-up spring. What vac lines are for emissions and what need to be hooked up for timing? The main benefit of a Nitrous plate system is ease of installation, no plumming of hard lines and easier to make jet changes. Or if that is not an option, pull the engine codes and contact Edelbrock tech support for further assistance. Look in the cylinder head specifications for information or contact the Edelbrock Tech line.

To help eliminate heat soak problems your best bet is to use a heat insulating spacer under the carb base. You should verify the timing chain installation is correct per the manufactures or Edelbrock instructions, be sure the keyway location is correct. Next, be sure that the accelerator pump passage is clear use some carb cleaner.

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