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Chief's Blankets, especially in the Third Phase form most desired by collectors of that time, continued to be made past the Late Classic Period and into the Transition Period. But I think the color pallet is wrong. Coal and Uranium deposits resulted in contracts with independent companies and agencies of the government. They were often used as covers for pickup truck seats. You can contact Mark through the Toadlenda Trading Post web site.

  1. Was wondering if you might be able to help me identify who might have made it?
  2. Almost all Navajo rugs are made without fringe.
  3. These traders and others began to discourage their local weavers from weaving an inferior product.
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Your best thoughts on value and information is greatly appreciated. But it was a difficult new beginning. The color choices are not typically Navajo, and there is markedly less pattern than you would usually see in a typical Navajo piece that is the same size. Many of the Navajo, hearing of the formidable force, fled the canyon but a band of Navajo remained.

The legend says that Spider Man created the loom of sunshine, lightning and rain, while Spider Woman taught the Navajo how to weave it. Hi Mary, Thank you for such an informative site. Your site is extremely informative and I really enjoy reading your posts.

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Here the Indians would be taught to become good Christian farmers under the tutelage of the U. There can be none, one, two, three and even four cords. If you want to publish this material somewhere else, please contact me for permission and please have the decency to properly cite where you acquired the information. The edge where I can see it is the same thickness as the blanket itself.

How to Identify Navajo Textiles - Weaving in Beauty

The first rug picture I sent is approx. Chapters of the new Navajo government arose in these locations. The Navajo were often the victims but also often the victors. Carleton, with the regular army engaged in the civil war, was faced with mostly volunteers for a fighting force. This is rug was woven in the Saltillo area of Mexico.

The Trading Posts and the Navajo Rug

Mary, Thank you so much for your reply. Hi, scientific dating My mother purchased this blanket in Maine and passed it along to me. How much does that typically affect the value? As some trading post operators such as J. The Trading Posts were one of the first manifestations of the new Anglo influence coming in from the east.

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Some of these are joined with extreme skill and are quite valuable. Here is a picture of the whole rug. They began to surrender, in small, straggling, hungry bands. The weaving of blankets is almost exclusively performed by women whilst the men were in charge of building the looms.

During the weaving process, the rug maker would move to work on adjacent sections of the warp, resulting in the subtle diagonal lines referred to as lazy lines. Demand for commercially manufactured blankets was replacing the need for the hand-woven product. There are thousands of Gallup throws out there that were sold to train passengers along the Sante Fe railway. Noel first had to prove his skills with his Remington before a conference of a few hundred Indians decided that he was allowed to stay on account of his courage.

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The Trading Posts and the Navajo Rug

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It was said that these rugs were purchased directly from the weavers in the area. Someone who works with Oriental rugs can probably tell you more. The early Navajo rugs of the differ markedly from most of the weavings that came later. The fringe on an antique Germantown may be partially worn away, or gone altogether, but this does not hurt the structure of the textile, since the fringe is an add-on. One type borrowed heavily from Spanish weaving.

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The type of wool is a more precise dating tool, which is difficult to determine without having the blanket in your hands, and will usually require an expert. The earliest known surviving examples of Navajo blankets are but fragments dating from the Massacre Cave site near Chinle, Arizona and Canyon de Chelly. But there was a new outlet for the Navajo weaver, the Eastern tourist. Germantown yarn increased colour palette available to the Navajo and eliminated need for shearing, spinning, and dying. In fact, many anthropologists theorize that the Navajo arrived in the New World not long before this time, late-comers from across the Bering Straight.

But finally politics had opened the ears of Washington. Jeff Wood, President The Nation's largest. Despite these obstacles by there were close to Trading Posts. It is dramatic and can stand alone as art. They are woven all over the Middle East and the weaving style is even used in parts of eastern Europe.

The Navajo had rebounded from the disaster of the Bosque to become the largest and most wealthy Indian Nation in the United States. If you see a rug with outside warps that are visibly thicker, hour 24 look at the ends of the rug for fringe or for evidence that the warp ends have been sewn back in to eliminate the fringe. My mother purchased this blanket in Maine and passed it along to me.

Is there any chance that someone can help identify the orgin and give a rough guess of the value. The hemming is also very old and does seem to be original to the rug. The other exception to the rule is a Gallup throw. His success led to him owning fifty trading posts at one time. The picture at left shows a rug being woven.

Navajo Culture

But both styles proved very popular. It comes from the Middle East probably from northwestern Iran or Azerbaijan. Cotton did the same, even going so far as to create a mail order catalogue for their Eastern customers. Third Ph green, dark purple, purple-blue.

How to Identify an Authentic Navajo Rug
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  • We found these rugs an estate sale.
  • You can see the fringe at the bottom.
  • It is a wee bit worn and needs to be mended, but I wanted to know if it was worth the investment.
  • How old a weaving may have been at time of transfer and beginning of a recorded history is usually unknown.

Any information you could provide would be much appreciated. Here is a closer look at the bottom. Look for Selvage Lines Selvage lines run along the sides of the rug. The dyes are synthetic aniline dyes.

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The Trading Posts and the Navajo Rug
History Navajo Rugs

Body is rust colored wing is reddish brown. The same year saw the import of three-ply dyed yarn from Germantown, Pennsylvania. The Navajo returned to their homeland overjoyed, but so poor as to be destitute. Treachery and greed pervaded all sides of the conflict and none so far had found a solution.

Chief s Blankets

Moore at Crystal could foresee the end of a unique and beautiful art form and the loss of a profitable commodity if weaving continued in its decline. Juan Lorenzo Hubbell at Ganado, C. The fringes on the ends look like they were added after the piece was finished, but they look like they match some of the yarns that were used in the construction of the rug. It was actually a lucky coincidence, with competition and trends shaping the market, that drove the Navajo into the business of home decoration.

Although fierce and able warriors, the Navajo were at a great disadvantage over the American army with its precise training, chain of command, and murderously superior weaponry. New records are being set with the purchase of antique Navajo textiles through important curations and auctions. This was called indigo and was available as early as to the Navajo through trade from Mexico.

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