Bulova watch serial number dating, how to find bulova model number 11 steps (with pictures)

1924 - 1949

For all watches in my collection, the movement date is noted for the record, even if it was not used to date the watch. Second, attempt to identify the model by matching the case to known examples or to identification resources. If the difference is more than a year, it is likely that one of the elements has been replaced. This can usually be pried off with a fingernail, but be careful not to damage the mechanism as you are doing this. Watches manufactured prior to are difficult to date with certainty.

Bulova Case Serial Numbers

This is because the two are often manufactured separately. My Bulova only has numbers on the back. This is a common characteristic of a serial number found in watches from the s, but it is not typically seen before that time. Screw back cases must be unscrewed before you can lift them away.

Bulova watch list of serial numbers to date your watch

In general, for all time periods, it is important to understand that Bulova watches never provide an obvious date of manufacture anywhere on the watch. You may even be able to open this type of back with your fingernail. Hour digits were somewhat rare, and most watches marked the hours exclusively with lines or dashes.

Bulova Watch Identification Guide - Waterstone Watches
Determining the Date of a Bulova Watch
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  2. The second digit of the code corresponds to the specific year.
  3. Metal bands were more common than ones made of leather.

These codes and the manner in which they should be interpreted is the subject of this article. Compare the serial number to online lists. The code is a single letter and a single digit. One of the challenges you will quickly discover, however, is that definitive information about older watches is often hard to find.

Bulova Date Codes

How do I find the model number otherwise? In fact, these watches sometimes have no case serial number at all. For snap back watches, locate the small pin on the inner lip of the case and the small hole around the perimeter of the watch. That is, the case serial number ceases to have any date correlation, and a new type of date code appears on both the case and the movement.

Bulova watch list of serial numbers to date your watch

This code is typically found on the outside backcase of the watch, just below the serial number. Bulova has used a few different systems for dating their watches. Note that dating a watch by style will only tell you the decade the watch likely came from, not the exact year.

The movement code is a small symbol, such as a square, circle, or triangle, which corresponds to a particular year within each decade. Look for markings of s style. Even if there were different options offered for the model, list of all the general shape and lines should be the same.

Bulova watch serial number dating

How to Find Bulova Model Number 11 Steps (with Pictures)

One such example is a very early, solid gold model. There may also be a second protective cover inside of your watch. Find the serial number on the interior mechanism. The only way to know which decade applies to the watch at hand is by careful study of available resources, match kundli including vintage advertisements and actual watches.

Bulova - Vintage Bulova Date Symbols & Codes

For screw back cases, place the case over the back of the watch and grab onto the grooves using the case wrench. Rounded faces were still common, especially early in the era, but rectangular faces were more prevalent in the later part of the decade. Some older watches have swing-back cases, which can be identified by a hinge on the back of the case. Most watch faces were round and notably larger than in past decades. The numbers and hour markers became elaborate again, and the metal surrounding the watch face was often curved or angled in a decorative, rather than straightforward, manner.

Matching the elements of the watch to a particular decade becomes easier over time, as more watches are studied and compared to the available advertisements. Luckily, there are lots of websites that include complete lists of Bulova models with pictures organized by year. Moreover, best free australian that change corresponds nicely with the introduction of movement date codes.

Bulova - Date Symbols Codes Serial Numbers

To find the serial number on the case of your Bulova watch, simply flip it over and look at the flat back of the case. What does it mean if I can't find my Bulova model number on any website? The difficulty of identification is compounded by the fact that Bulova re-used names was some frequency. If you already looked for a date code on your watch, you may have already found the serial number. As you are looking for identifying markings on your watch, you may come across a patent date.

Bulova Case Serial Numbers

Bulova watches are not marked with names or identification codes that allow you to simply look at the watch and derive the model and age. Another exception to the serial number method of dating the case occurs toward the later part of the s. Therefore, determining the date of one of these early models is difficult and often impossible to accomplish with absolute certainty.

Bulova Watch Identification Guide

During the s, watches were bolder and took on an appearance inspired by the modern art era. View Our Vintage Watch Collection. Check your watch, then use the chart below to match the code to a specific year. For one such movement list visit Bulova Movements.

How to Date a Bulova Watch 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Bulova Date Codes

The Watch Guy Bulova Serial Number Table & Manufacture Dates

Since Bulova watches are marked with date codes, you won't usually need to rely on the watch appearance for dating purposes. If more than one year separates the movement and the case, for me, janampatri matchmaking free the case date rules. Narrowing down the date beyond that with certainty may not be possible based on current information. The sides and front of the metal will usually be decorated with engraved patterns.

The reason for that limitation is that movements can, and often are, replaced when the original one breaks. Genuine Bulova watches manufactured between and should all have an imprinted date code marked somewhere on the watch. There are also a few examples of very early watches s period appearing without any Bulova markings on the exterior. Rotate the case clockwise until it screws back into place. While there are organizations that concern themselves with vintage watches and horology in general, their primary focus is not on developing research resources for particular watch brands.

  • If you suspect that your Bulova watch originated during one of these decades, you may need to turn to an expert jeweler or appraiser for a more exact idea of the likely date.
  • Occasionally, however, that is not the case.
  • The case back can also provide insight into the manufacturer.
  • For Bulova watches created in or later, the manufacturer switched to a two-digit alpha-numeric code system.
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